Here at Soulacia, we pride ourselves on being dedicated to an environmentally conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation of the natural habitat, and the empowerment of the local communities. Our mission is to introduce people to the beauty of nature, while maintaining respect for the natural environment and challenging the accepted notions of luxury in a resort.

We aspire to provide you a stay that would stay with you long after you have left and make sure that you have beautiful moments to remember your visit to the Kanha National Park. To add to your incredible jungle experience, we provide unforgettable wildlife safaris.

Village Life & Interaction
Uninfluenced and untouched by the rapid development around the Kanha National Park, the Baiga tribe, truly the people of the forest, still live a semi nomadic life. Baigas have distinctive and culturally rich lifestyle, which is reflected in their elaborate andcolourful tattoos. A visit to Kanha is incomplete without a glimpse of their life and culture. Such visits are pre-organised on request and are accompanied by an in-house naturalist.
Night Safari in Permitted Zone
A night safari spill overs of the park is a must do and makes the visit a memorable experience.

Spice Meadows:

We know that no good experience is complete without good food and therefore in the heart of the resort, facing the swimming pool, is our dining hall – Spice Meadows.With the lip-smacking food and the excellent service provided by our dedicated and courteous staff, you can be assured of a luxurious dining experience, either in our air-conditioned restaurant, or the picturesque elevated deck or by the pool.

Grass Root Cafe:

A place where one can sit back, read from the collection of books, or interact with fellow wildlife enthusiasts or resident naturalists about their own experiences in the wild & also discuss about life of the native people of Kanha. Sit back with a cup of hot coffee brewed with authentic coffee beans and bread made fresh.

Swimming Pool:

After a long day in the heat and sweating it off in the jungle, you can cool off in the pool. We have a sublimely placed swimming pool, with a modern filtration plant, surrounded by trees and a beautiful landscape.

Nature Walks & Guided Tour on Cycling:

Take long, peaceful walks or go for bicycle rides to grasp the natural beauty of the surroundings. You can also take your pick for bird watching with our in-house naturalists or just stroll around to comprehend the nature with them.


Soulacia also gives you an opportunity to experience and explore the beautiful sky at Kanha with a telescope, a Sky Scout, and a host of other gadgets and books provided by the National Geographic Channel. If you just want a relaxing evening, head over to the knowledge hub with a cup of coffee, sit back with a book, and enjoy!

Library :

A small yet growing library having variety of wild life, romantic, thrillers and books that can bring back your childhood memories from collection of more then 150 books.

Souvenir Shop :

Go home with the happy memories of Kanha and India from our collection at the souvenir shop.